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Foundation Updates: March 2024

🚀 Beyond the Launch: Our New Digital Home and More!

Welcome to our March edition of Foundation Updates! This month has been a standout, marked notably by the launch of our new website. Beyond this, we have a host of exciting developments to share. So, let’s catch up and dive into what’s been happening at Foundation HQ. 🫡

This Month at Foundation

Say hello to:

As we look back on the month of March, one of the most thrilling updates has been the launch of our new digital home 🏠. Moving beyond our familiar ‘Devices’ identity, we’ve stepped into a broader realm, reflecting our commitment to pioneering freedom tech. This new website isn’t just a change of address; it’s a symbol of our growth and the exciting future that lies ahead.

During our website launch week, we took to social media with a series of exciting events, from Easter egg hunts to special giveaways. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to our community for your active participation and valuable feedback.

Our CEO, Zach recently gave us some insight into the website’s design journey. He talked about how the design process was carefully thought out and implemented, providing insights into the creative decisions that shaped our new online home.

Now, let’s see how March treated us in terms of our latest releases. 👇🏻

Product Updates 🔥

Envoy v1.6.0

It’s here! Envoy 1.6 officially launched early March, bringing with it a range of new features.

  • Full “replace-by-fee (RBF)” control is here!
  • When you set a custom name for your Passport, now that name will show up automatically in the Devices tab on Envoy.
  • Drastically improved address and amount display per the Bitcoin Design standards. Sexy and intuitive!
  • Improved Tor performance on iOS (and some Android vendors), especially when it comes to getting fiat exchange rates.
  • Envoy translated to Catalan thanks to our friends over at @bcnbitcoinonly! Special thanks to @insatwetrust, in particular!

Read more 👉 Full Envoy Release Notes v1.6


DID YOU KNOW? We have an exclusive beta program at Foundation, offering you the opportunity to be among the first to test and experience any new releases for Passport or Envoy. Gain access to our Telegram group and be among the first to test-drive any new releases. You’ll have the chance to provide valuable feedback and even earn sats for any bugs you may find.

Learn more here.

Meet the Foundation Team 👥

Discover where our team has been making waves in the public eye this March! We’ve recently joined a few podcasts & events – take a look below!

NOTE: Passports are now available for purchase in person at PubKey! This new option offers a convenient way for you to get your hands on a Passport directly.

  • Seth For Privacy made an appearance at the Finny Forum. Missed the live action? No worries – you can catch up with the event’s highlights by watching the live feed here.
  • Bitcoin QnA joined in on the Ungovernable Misfit podcast.
  • Seth for Privacy featured in the Expat Money Show speaking about: The role of Freedom tech in personal security. Check it out here.

#21tohalving is here : 🎊

Get ready for an extraordinary event on Bitcoin Twitter! We’re joining forces with 20 incredible Bitcoin teams for a countdown to the Bitcoin halving. Imagine 21 days of non-stop excitement, featuring 21 dynamic teams, each bringing a unique prize daily, all leading up to a grand prize on the halving day itself.

A huge thank you to all the participating teams for making this possible. Good luck to everyone diving into this 21-day adventure – let the countdown begin.

Product Review and Photo of the Month 🤩

Each month, we select one of our users’ reviews and one photo from social media to feature in our newsletter. Your experiences and stories are what keeps us building, and we’re grateful for your ongoing support. Keep sharing your moments with us, and you could be the next one in our newsletter!

Photo: How beautiful 😍 with thanks to AULAN



What we’re working on 🛠️

  • Envoy 1.6.1 with improvements to enlarged display and text sizes.
  • Hard at work on new products to continue expanding our freedom tech offerings! If only we were allowed to share what we’re seeing internally 👀


That wraps up our March edition of Foundation Updates – thank you for joining us, stay tuned for more next month. In the meantime, for daily updates and insightful content you can:

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With love from all at team Foundation 🧡