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Envoy 1.7 – Buy Bitcoin, Directly

Envoy 1.7 is here, and it’s one of our biggest releases ever. Today marks the start of a new chapter for Envoy, one where you can not only intuitively and powerfully manage and store your Bitcoin, but starting today you can buy Bitcoin directly into self-custody with a few simple taps, more easily redeem Bitcoin vouchers from both and BTCPay servers, and discover new peer-to-peer, no-KYC exchanges.

One tap from Envoy’s home screen and you’re ready to start your sat-stacking journey.

Buying Bitcoin directly to self-custody

At the core of this update to Envoy is a brand-new integration with Ramp, allowing Envoy users to seamlessly purchase Bitcoin with debit cards, credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, and more directly to their Envoy accounts. Combining a powerful on-ramp with the native privacy and security features in Envoy makes for an unmatched experience.

  • ❌ No copy-pasting addresses
  • ❌ No address reuse
  • ❌ No need to leave the Envoy app
  • ❌ No data collected by Foundation
  • ✅ Easy, one-click address verification with Passport
  • ✅ Automatic tagging w/ note of purchased coins
  • ✅ Sats sent straight to self-custody

It’s easier than ever to purchase Bitcoin, but if you have questions on how all of this works please dive into our docs here.

Choose an Envoy account, set an amount, and setup a Ramp account.

Partnering with Ramp

We’ve worked hard to find a partner that would limit data collection as much as possible, prevent us from accessing any information about Bitcoin purchases, and allow the entire purchase process to happen directly in Envoy, settling on Ramp. While Ramp is still legally obligated to collect identifying information in order to sell Bitcoin to users, this ensures that we at Foundation not only do not (and cannot) collect any information about our users in the app, we also cannot get that information from Ramp directly even if we wanted to.

As Ramp serves a broad number of countries across the globe, you may see some slight differences in information required or fees depending on what country you select when buying Bitcoin. If you want more detail, please refer to their documentation here.

Additionally, Ramp manages the fee structure for purchases in Envoy, with varying fees based on the method of payment, the amount, etc. As partners with Ramp, Foundation will take a small fee as a part of the overall Ramp fee. For more information on Ramp’s fee structure, you can find details on their help portal here.

Confirm email, choose payment method, and you’re stacking sats.

Redeeming vouchers

We’ve also spent time in Envoy 1.7 improving and expanding our Bitcoin voucher support, adding the first of it’s kind BTCPay voucher support — before voucher support is even live in BTCPay 👀. We’re extremely excited to see vouchers added to BTCPay, a fantastic open-source Bitcoin-centric point-of-sale system, and have our own plans of how to leverage BTCPay vouchers immediately when they’re released.

We also have best-in-class support for redeeming on-chain vouchers, making Envoy the perfect place to redeem those vouchers straight into self-custody (or even cold storage via Passport). One QR code scan and… done! vouchers made easy.

Discovering peer-to-peer exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs

Last but not least, we’ve added a simple way to discover new peer-to-peer exchanges and Bitcoin ATMs. These present powerful ways to buy and sell Bitcoin without having to give over personally identifiable information. These are powerful tools, and ones that we know many in our community are passionate about. As a first step we’ve added in simple links out to some of our favorite peer-to-peer exchanges along with an easy-to-use map to find Bitcoin ATMs near you.

We have longer term plans to build in native peer-to-peer exchange integrations into Envoy, but those are a bit trickier technically (and legally) so keep an eye out for news on that down the line 🫡

Bitcoin ATMs near you at a glance.


We can’t wait to hear how you all find the new Buy Bitcoin feature in Envoy 1.7, and we’re glad to be able to make it easier than ever to purchase Bitcoin without ever giving up custody of your funds. We view self-custody as a non-negotiable in Bitcoin, and will continue building out tools and products that make self-custody easier, more approachable, and more powerful than ever before.

Want to read the full release notes? You can find them below on our blog: Envoy version 1.7.0 is now live! | Foundation

Now we’ll get back to work and leave the Bitcoin buying to you 😉