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"The optimal combination of security and usability"

"My first hardware wallet – and let’s be real, my last"

"They are not just wallets, they are works of art"

Self Custody is Finally Attainable

Secure your Bitcoin with an unprecedented combination of elegance and ease of use.

Ideal for your first wallet, perfect for your advanced setup.

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The Bitcoin hardware wallet you already know how to use.

Passport offers hardcore airgapped security in a premium package.

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A simple Bitcoin mobile wallet with powerful privacy features.

Get up and running in only 60 seconds.

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I have tried different hardware wallets but none surpasses Passport, from its initial configuration, its versatility and user experience, security and privacy, and the ease of updating the firmware.


I’m not a technical user at all, so Passport is my go to HWW. I love the sleek design, from the airgap, clear colored camera, to the old school design. Of course the fact that it’s BTC only and open source!


The open source hardware and software as well as the air-gapped methods for signing transactions make this a highly secure wallet that can be vetted by experts on a continuous basis for flaws and/or bugs.

Happy P

Passport gives what Ledger takes from me. I feel confident using it and I feel my Bitcoin are safe and only mine.


Making bitcoin transactions was easier than I expected given the Passport’s airgapped nature. I simply used the built-in camera to scan QR codes to sign transactions generated on a separate wallet app.


A key to Bitcoin’s future mass adoption through self custody will be a seamless combination of providing high security with ease of use that appeals to the layman. Passport checks all those boxes and more!

Ben de Waal

Over the years, I’ve discussed many different options for my clients and after demonstrating a number of devices, the Passport is consistently the clear winner.


Passport is the Swiss Army Knife of Bitcoin wallets. Obtaining and learning to use Passport is one the highest impact steps one can make towards their path to financial freedom and sovereign self-custody.


The Passport makes the best Bitcoin security for safeguarding your precious sats. I stack sats in confidence knowing my sats hoard remains safe. Very well thought out, and stylish design.


My first hardware wallet and let’s be real my last. The design drew me in and the user experience was just easy to understand for a newbie like me.


Passport is a great wallet. For someone who values the principles of bitcoin but nevertheless remains fearful of very complicated technical aspects of wallet security this is a perfect middle ground.


I needed a way to save sats for my grandchildren to have one day. This is the coolest, safest, most private way to do it.


I’ve been in the Bitcoin game for a while, and I’ve tried my fair share of hardware wallets. But Passport is on a whole different level. Using it feels like having a secret agent’s gadget for securing my Bitcoin.


In this unpredictable world, Passport is my anchor. If you’re as serious about Bitcoin as I am, give Passport a try. It’s the gold standard for Bitcoin hardware wallets.


The Passport wallet and Envoy app are hands down the best value for protecting your precious Bitcoin. Self custody is the only path to true freedom. The quality of these products are nothing short of impressive.

Patrick U

The Foundation Passport is a robust, secure, and user-friendly hardware wallet that has not only met but exceeded my expectations. It’s a worthwhile investment for any serious Bitcoin holder.

Asher H

Passport + Envoy is the premium set of tools for storing your Bitcoin. I used the Passport setup process to teach my parents about how Bitcoin works, and they love it now too!


I will just say that I have bought BTC because of you and your incredibly easy to use cold storage solution. So thank you very very much,you guys might have changed my life. Thank you.

Typer Bratoshi

Air gapped, verifiable source code, made in the USA, what’s not to love!? I switched to Passport because I needed a solution that was easy for my loved ones to figure out if something happened to me.


The Passport hardware wallet has an elegant and substantial design, especially when compared to its competitors that appear more toy-like and use inferior materials.

Bitcoin Poems

I researched ten hardware wallets years ago and settled on the best one for my needs. This was before Passport existed. I finally heard about Passport and I love the simple UI. This is something my wife can handle!


I was immediately impressed with the Passport’s ability to operate entirely airgapped. The peace of mind from knowing my private keys are completely isolated was unmatched.


The Passport gave me everything I wanted from a hardware wallet: rock-solid offline security, an intuitive interface, and uncomplicated transaction signing. I was delighted by the ability to add an optional passphrase.


I have been using Foundation Bitcoin hardware wallets for over a year now and I can honestly say they are the best investment I ever made. They are sleek, secure, and easy to use.


The Passport knocked my socks off when I unboxed it. The form factor and weight just screams quality. I’m coming from a Trezor One, a light plastic fob that’s just not in the same universe.


The Foundation team has evidently taken a security and ease of use minded approach when designing the Passport, and their commitment to the free and open source ethos combine to create the greatest peace of mind.


Being a very technical person I’ve researched multiple hardware wallets, and the Passport is the one I have deemed the most secure and also with the trait of being user friendly without sacrificing advanced features.


I enjoy using the Passport from opening the box to getting it set up it was a very easy and sleek experience. Upgrading the firmware was quick and knowing the Passport is offline is a piece of mind keeping my bitcoin secure.


Passport has all the options you need without the complications of the other wallets that can feel overwhelming. Also, it’s great that Passport maintains open source values. Hats off to the team.


Passport provides a seamless secure and sexy bitcoin cold wallet. There are no back doors (like another hardware wallet company), and you can easily deposit and spend your Bitcoin in style.


One of my favorite Passport features is the rechargeable battery. It’s convenient, and the power-only USB-C port ensures that my data stays sealed off. I can swap it out easily, and I love that it’s a standard form factor.


Are you looking for a cold storage device that’s open source and doesn’t look like a cheap a*s calculator??? Well, you’re in luck my friend! The Passport cold storage device is exactly what you want.

Patrick U

I’ve had the opportunity to explore Passport and my experience has been nothing short of exemplary. The device, with its robust construction, embodies a blend of modern and classic hardware design.

Patrick U

The ongoing development and support from Foundation signifies a promising roadmap for Passport. I am particularly impressed with the open-source nature of both hardware and software.


I love Passport. The device is extremely easy to setup and use. Signing transaction is super easy and fast. Best of all, they guys on Telegram are amazingly helpful and supportive.


Passport is my favorite hardware wallet of the several I’ve tried. It’s worth the high-end price due to having many features for convenience and ease-of-use, but having more options to do things other ways when needed.


The combination of their hardware and software wallets is a powerful one-stop solution for protecting and using small amounts of bitcoin as well as securing a larger stack in multi-sig cold storage.

Cody Anderson

Once I saw it I knew I needed one. It’s elegant, simple, yet holds so much power…financial freedom! The style and ease of use can get anyone to get their Bitcoin into cold storage very easily.


Setting up the Passport was quick and straightforward. After unboxing, I generated a new secure seed phrase. This process was smooth and reassuring, as I knew my new wallet was born securely.


For anyone looking for the optimal combination of security and usability, I highly recommend Passport. Its impermeable airgap and seamless UX are perfect for storing substantial Bitcoin holdings.


Foundation Bitcoin hardware wallets are not just wallets, they are works of art. They give me peace of mind and confidence. If you are looking for a reliable and stylish way to store your Bitcoins, look no further.


Using Passport was more intuitive than anything else I’ve used. High quality product and very good step by step instructions. It also looks and works really well.

Joshua B

Bitcoin has never looked better! The beautifully sleek style and intuitive interface design of Passport come together to create the most enjoyable Bitcoin experience to date, greatly reducing barriers for adoption!


Passport is the gateway to freedom. I love the design which looks like an ancient yet powerful phone. Been a +1y user of passport and I love it. Keep up the good work team!

Vivek V

It’s a great product. The fact that the entire supply chain and is auditable works extremely well with the ethos of Bitcoin. Great product, great team with a great vision. Simple to use product.


Easy to use with a nice form factor. It’s important to me that the software is open source and Bitcoin only. I’m a very satisfied user and would gladly recommend Passport to anyone serious about securely storing their stack.


I love Passport! Color screen…Boom! Built-in battery… Boom! Great camera…Boom! SD card backup…Boom! Password manager…Boom! Multi-sig support… Boom! Replaceable battery… Boom! This wallet has it all!


Passport supports Bitcoin like a champ. I can use it with various software wallets, and it plays well with multisig setups. It’s versatile and reliable. The security features are impressive too. This thing is a fortress.


Incredibly responsive support, air-gapped, Free & Open Source (FOSS) signing device and with the convenience of QR codes. What more could you possibly want?

Patrick U

The Foundation Passport is a robust, secure, and user-friendly hardware wallet that has not only met but exceeded my expectations.


I have used Ledger for many years and learned to deal with the small screen, copy-pasting strings of text, and waiting anxiously for transactions to be confirmed. Passport has been a revelation.

Purple horse

I have switched to Passport because of the Ledger debacle. Not willing to risk my wealth by a not open-source code. Passport is open-source, air gapped and good build quality. Perfect if you want to make sure your stack is safe for the generation after you.

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