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“An excellent, patient, effective teacher. Money well spent.”

A helping hand through your bitcoin journey

Self custody can be intimidating, especially if you are new to Bitcoin.
Concierge is a personalized 60-minute onboarding session for your Passport.

Christopher W.

This concierge set up adds so much value. I’m fairly technical and could do it myself, but it’s simply worth it to make sure. Ben is a great help.

Jacqueline T.

Ben was patient, provided clear instructions, got the job done, was pleasant to talk to. I wish EVERY Bitcoin aficionado provided this level of concierge service. It is worth every penny.

Nathanial M.

Ben was an excellent, patient, effective teacher. Money well spent.

Bitcoin Self Custody in Four Simple Steps

Step 1

Receive an email to schedule your Concierge session.

Step 2

Meet one of our Bitcoin experts in a private video call.

Step 3

Learn to set up your Passport and use Bitcoin.

Step 4

Email us with priority support for follow-up questions.

Get to Know Your New Hardware Wallet


Learn about Passport’s features, then unbox and set up your device.


Prevent loss of your Bitcoin by creating multiple robust Passport backups.


Connect Passport with Envoy or other compatible software wallet of your choosing.

Send & Receive

Withdraw your Bitcoin from an exchange or send from an existing wallet.

Start your
Journey Today

Interested in Bitcoin self custody but hesitant to take the first step?
Book your Concierge session today!