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Security is Our Foundation

At Foundation we believe in security through openness. Everything we produce, be that hardware or software, will be open source and fully verifiable wherever possible.

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Foundation Hardware

Product Security Models


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Passport is Foundation's Bitcoin hardware wallet. Learn more about Passport's hardware, software, and operational security practices.

Security Audits

Keylabs Security Audit

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Third party security audit by Keylabs, 2021

Our Response to Keylabs

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Our response to the 2021 Keylabs audit. This response has been reviewed by the Keylabs team.


Wallet Scrutiny – Passport Founder’s Edition

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Passed all 12 tests. Reproducible when tested.

Wallet Scrutiny – Passport Batch 2

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Passed all 12 tests. Reproducible when tested.

Responsible Disclosure

Bug Bounty Program

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We want to keep all our products and services safe and secure for everyone. If you have discovered a security vulnerability, we appreciate your help in disclosing it to us in a responsible manner. We provide a bug bounty program to better engage with security researchers and hackers.

PGP Keys

View our PGP Keys for software signing, security disclosures, and general inquiries.

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