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"Hands down the best value for protecting your precious Bitcoin"

"As good as it gets for a mobile wallet in security, ease of use, and reliability."

"The Magic Backups feature is nothing short of amazing!"

Experience Bitcoin, Simplified

Envoy is a simple Bitcoin mobile wallet with powerful privacy features.
Get up and running with self custody in only 60 seconds.


The combination of their hardware and software wallets is a powerful one-stop solution for protecting and using small amounts of bitcoin as well as securing a larger stack in multi-sig cold storage.


The Passport wallet and Envoy app are hands down the best value for protecting your precious Bitcoin. Self custody is the only path to true freedom. The quality of these products are nothing short of impressive.

Asher H

Passport + Envoy is the premium set of tools for storing your Bitcoin. I used the Passport setup process to teach my parents about how Bitcoin works, and they love it now too!

Jonannes T

This is as good as it gets for a mobile wallet in security, ease of use, and reliability. Learning the different functions of the wallet is very easy, because clear descriptors of what’s going on label part of each screen.


The Magic Backups feature is nothing short of amazing! It provides a secure way to back up my mobile wallet metadata without compromising my privacy. Highly recommend!


Envoy 1.4.0 elevates the Bitcoin wallet experience with its user-friendly and privacy-focused design. A must-have for both novice and experienced Bitcoin users.


Highly recommend you give Envoy a try. This is the best one on the market and it’s simple to use. Foundation designed it for even the greenest users. It’s fun to use and first in class in my opinion.

Nate C

Coin control is awesome feature. Very easy to understand and use. Company is bitcoin only. They don’t collect your data. You can’t beat it. Very happy with this app.


Hands down the easiest, cleanest, most understandable app for Bitcoin self storage. These guys get it. They have a ton of educational videos and resources to bring you up to speed or refresh your knowledge.

Experience Magic Backups

Get started in 60 seconds. Magic Backups uses end-to-end encryption to back up your seed and application data without requiring email, password, or any personal information.

To restore your Magic Backup, simply log back into your iCloud or Google account and Envoy handles the rest.

Hot + Cold In One Place

Manage your Bitcoin mobile wallet and Passport hardware wallet accounts, all in the same app.

Send and receive Bitcoin using Envoy’s mobile wallet, or connect your Passport to unlock cold storage capabilities.

Tag your transactions and connect to Tor or your own node for better privacy.

Connect Your Passport

Envoy offers a guided, mobile-first experience for your Passport.

Complete the security check to ensure your Passport hasn’t been tampered with in-transit.

Download and install the latest Passport firmware updates, right from your phone.

Always Open Source

Don’t trust us, verify for yourself! Envoy’s code base is fully open source under GPLv3 and is reproducible.

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Product Details

Freedom Tech

Our products empower you to take control of your money & data.

Privacy & Security

We offer best-in-class security and privacy via openness.

Thoughtful Design

Our products feel premium, invoke nostalgia, and inspire confidence.

Open Source

No walled gardens; no closed source engineering. Fully open source.

Magic Backups

  • Backup your wallet in 60 seconds
  • Leverages iCloud Keychain or Android Auto Backup with full end-to-end encryption
  • Wallet data is encrypted by your seed and backed up to Foundation servers
  • Always optional and only applies to your mobile wallet (never Passport)


  • Custom fees with transaction boosting or cancelling
  • Coin control with tagging and notes
  • Passport setup and management
  • Show or hide your account balances
  • Testnet
  • Learning center with support videos

Passport Management

  • Passport onboarding and secure setup
  • Easily complete security validation
  • Update firmware while on the go
  • Send from Passport using animated QR codes
  • Receive to Passport directly from anywhere

Open Source

  • Always open source under GPLv3 license
  • Reproducible to minimize trust
  • Free to use, modify, or distribute in any way you see fit


  • Connect to Foundation via Tor
  • Easily connect your own node
  • Leverage system PIN or biometric application lock


  • Cross-platform Flutter app with Rust backend
  • Available for Android and iOS, with desktop functional coming later
  • Native Tor integration with our own Arti library

Made For
Your Passport

Connect Envoy to our Passport hardware wallet for a seamless experience. Your mobile wallet and cold storage, all in one place!

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