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Envoy version 1.7.0 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Envoy1.7.0ย – is now published on all your favorite mobile platforms! To download it, simply visit our download page or check for updates on your platform of choice.

Please note that there can be a significant lag from publishing to general availability due to Apple App Store and Google Play Store review policies and delays.

What’s changed

Envoy 1.7.0 makes it easier than ever to buy Bitcoin straight into self-custody without ever leaving Envoy. We’ve added the ability to buy using fiat, redeem and BTCPay vouchers directly into Envoy, and find the best Bitcoin ATMs and decentralized exchanges as well.

And best of all – Foundation never has access to any information about your purchases at any point in the process. Our policy of protecting user privacy continues to be at the core of what we do, and that carries over into our new Buy Bitcoin feature. If you want to dive more into the Buy Bitcoin feature itself, you can do so on our companion blog post.

We also want to say a special thank you to all of our amazing community who recommended improvements and found and reported bugs, as we were able to incorporate much of that feedback into this release! We’re immensely grateful for users taking the time to do so ๐Ÿงก

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!

New Features

  • Buy Bitcoin straight to self-custody, directly in Envoy

    • We’ve partnered with Ramp to integrate a seamless Bitcoin buying experience directly into Envoy. No need to leave the app, no annoying address copy-paste, no hassle.
    • Every sat you purchase gets sent directly to the Envoy account you choose, without ever needing to manually copy-paste addresses.
    • Buying directly to Passport? You can easily verify the withdrawal address with a simple QR scan via Passport.
  • Redeem BTCPay vouchers directly in Envoy

    • The BTCPay team have been hard at work building a unique voucher system into BTCPay which will be out soon, but we’re such big fans we couldn’t wait for full release.
    • As soon as BTCPay vouchers are released to the public, you’ll be able to simply scan the QR and redeem straight into Envoy.
  • Envoy is now available in Portuguese! ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น

  • Added support for Signet and Esplora nodes

    • Signet is a unique Bitcoin testing network that is often far more stable than testnet, so we’ve added support to make testing and educating on Bitcoin via Envoy easier.
  • Added Norwegian ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด Krone display to Envoy


  • Migrated to using our own instance.

    • We were hitting rate limits and other minor issues with the public instances, so we’ve deployed our own instance and will now be using it by default for fee rates.
  • Pairing a renamed Passport will now update the name of that Device in the Devices tab in Envoy

  • Pairing a renamed Account on Passport will now update the name of the account in Envoy

  • New Fee Overspend warning in Envoy

    • When you go to send a transaction that spends more than 25% in fees, Envoy will now warn you to be sure you’re aware.
  • Scanning a BIP21 QR code with a label will automatically add that Label to the Notes section of the Envoy transaction

  • Improved the way Envoy handled pasting addresses in the Send screen to make it a more fast and smooth experience

  • Notes will now carry over from the original transaction to the Boosted or Canceled transactions, should you Boost or Cancel any transaction.

  • Long pressing the address in the transaction details view will now automatically copy the address to clipboard

  • New toast implemented that should help troubleshoot backend connection failures

  • Envoy’s connection to the backend node has been hardened, connection stability improved and downtime should be drastically reduced

  • Envoy will now show a new line in Activity and a toast when a new version is available

  • Added a timeout for the PIN/Biometric authentication

  • Hiding a balance in an account will also hide its corresponding transactions in the Activity view

  • Envoy will now warn the user sooner if they try to overspend, instead of waiting for a valid address to be pasted in

  • Added the option to select which coin to spend from in order to Boost if the original transaction’s change is not enough

  • Improved the behavior and UI when entire tags are locked

  • Improved the Android Firmware download process to improve file writing to SD card

  • Added new screens that explain why Boosting a transaction failed

  • Minor visual improvements across the board

  • When a transaction doesn’t generate any change, envoy will now display “No Change” instead of “0 sats” in the transaction review screen

  • Boost option will now be grayed out if there are not enough funds to boost a transaction (like when sweeping your wallet, for example)

  • Minor visual improvements in the Learning Center search bar

  • Minor visual improvements in the “To:” bar in the sending screen

  • The Seed Import using QR is now more resilient and will not break if there’s non-space characters between words in the importing QR

  • Improved the way tags are displayed in the Transaction Details screen

  • Improved Spanish and Catalan translations

  • Minor title centering issues fixed for Spanish

  • Minor visual improvements in Learning Center and Activity lists

  • Improved the hit area for menu items, making it easier to press the item you aimed for

  • Minor improvement in the way the seed words are displayed

  • Updated Twitter’s logo to X

  • Loading the transaction review screen is now smoother and more fluid

  • Canceling transactions is smoother and more fluid

  • Updated Flutter to the latest version, 3.19.1

  • Users can now add a clearnet node and connect to it via tor

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed a UI bug where sometimes the Passport version would display “loading” in the Devices screen instead of the actual latest version

        • Note: This would only happen immediately after the first ever Passport pairing
      • Fixed a rare issue with touch targets on iOS

      • Fixed a minor issue where if the user selected coins too fast the UI could break

      • Fixed an issue where LAN connections wouldn’t be permitted when tor was enabled

      • Fixed an issue where Boosting self-sends would display 0 sats in the review screen regardless of the amount being sent

      • Fixed a minor bug in the Firmware download flow where the Try Again button would become available before it should

      • Fixed a visual bug where the selected amount would not follow the display improvements recommended by Bitcoin Design standards

      • Fixed a visual bug where if a Tag had multiple coins inside it, scrolling could display the toggles outside the display area

      • Fixed a minor issue where users could not go “back” if they accessed the new wallet creation screen from the “+” icon in the Accounts menu

      • Fixed some screens where users with bigger fonts would not be able to scroll

      • Fixed a minor issue where users with bigger fonts could see an abnormally small QR code when pairing a Passport

      • Fixed a minor issue with how the comma button would behave in some edge cases and some locales

      • Fixed an issue where repeated words would be excluded from the seed quiz in the deletion flow

      • Fixed an issue with the filtering of the learning center where it would sometimes not filter as expected

      • Fixed a minor issue where after deleting an account you would land in the backups menu

      • Fixed a bug for users with many accounts, occasionally forcing their accounts list back to the top when scrolling if a balance refresh happened in the background

      • Fixed a small issue where some long blog titles could be cut off

      • Fixed an issue where on first Passport pairing flow a screen belonging to another flow was displayed

      • Fixed a minor issue where a close button behaved in an unexpected way

      • Fixed an issue where in some circumstances Passport Boost transactions wouldn’t display a confirmation screen

      • Fixed a visual bug for some iOS users where the lock screen would show an odd aspect ratio

      • Fixed a bug where under some specific circumstance Magic Backups wouldn’t properly restore the testnet or taproot toggle status if the original wallet had it

      • Fixed an issue where boosting from Passport would sometimes fail

      • Fixed a bug where sometimes the users could get stuck in a firmware download infinite loop

        Verifying Envoy on Android

        If you’d like to take the optional additional step of verifying Envoy binaries on Android, follow our guide: Verifying Envoy on Android