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“Guided vault setup without the data sharing or recurring fees.”

Level up your Bitcoin security

Receive 3 Passports and 2 hours of expert guidance to create a 2-of-3 multisig vault in Sparrow, BlueWallet or Nunchuk.

No privacy leaks by sharing wallet info with trusted third parties. No subscriptions. Priority support.

Christopher W.

This concierge set up adds so much value. I’m fairly technical and could do it myself, but it’s simply worth it to make sure. Ben is a great help.

Jacqueline T.

Ben was patient, provided clear instructions, got the job done, was pleasant to talk to. I wish EVERY Bitcoin aficionado provided this level of concierge service. It is worth every penny.

Nathanial M.

Ben was an excellent, patient, effective teacher. Money well spent.

Create a Multisig Vault in four simple steps

Step 1

Receive an email to schedule your 2 hour vault concierge call.

Step 2

Meet one of our Bitcoin experts for a private call. Video entirely optional.

Step 3

Be guided through every step of the vault creation and backup process.

Step 4

Email us with priority support for follow-up questions and advice.

On the call you will...


Ensure all of your devices are properly set up and running the latest firmware version.


Configure your new 2-of-3 vault in Sparrow, Blue or Nunchuk. The choice is yours.


Create multiple robust backups to ensure redundancy for your vault.

Send & Receive

Deposit Bitcoin to your new vault, then practice sending to another wallet.

Create your
Vault Today

Benefit from the extra security and redundancy a 2-of-3 multisig vault can offer without giving up your data or paying for annual subscriptions.