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Passport version 2.3.1 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Passport firmware – 2.3.1 – is now live! To download it, simply initiate the update from Envoy to be guided through the process.


With this version of Passport’s firmware we’ve added connections to Theya, Zeus, and Coinbits, updated dependencies, and made reproducible builds more resilient to upstream changes.

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!


  • Added Theya integration to Passport’s wallet connection options.
    • Passport users can now use their Passport directly in Theya’s fantastic new multisig service!
    • Learn more about Theya.
  • Added Zeus integration to Passport’s wallet connection options.
    • Zeus is a powerful open-source Lightning wallet, with the first direct hardware wallet integration in the space. Zeus v0.9.0 will allow you to directly open and close channels to and from Passport, without the need for any additional transactions to a hot wallet.
    • Learn more about Zeus.
  • Added Coinbits to Passport’s wallet connection options.
    • Coinbits is an all-in-one app and service to make it easier to buy, spend, and save Bitcoin. They have recently added hardware wallet support and are featuring Passport as their go-to recommendation!
    • Learn more about Coinbits.


  • Updated dependencies, including rust-secp256k1.
  • Improved the way upgrade errors are handled.
    • Starting with v2.3.1, any upgrade failures will report an error indicating where the problem originated, instead of just freezing in the completion circle.
  • Updated all references to to our new site,


  • Improved the resiliency of reproducible builds in Docker.
  • Fixed some false warnings being reported when compiling.


If you’d like to verify and install the latest version of Passport manually, you can follow our guide on the topic here: Firmware Update support page

If you’d like to take the additional step of testing the reproducibility of Passport’s firmware, you can follow our guide on the topic here: Reproducibility Guide