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Foundation Updates: April 2024

⏱️ April 2024: Beyond the Halving

Welcome to our April edition of Foundation Updates! This month was filled with excitement as we joined hands to celebrate a significant milestone in the Bitcoin space — the Bitcoin halving.

Now, let’s catch up and dive into what else has been happening at Foundation HQ. 🫡

This Month at Foundation

#21toHalving 🎊

As we bid farewell to April, we’re thrilled to reflect on the incredible journey we embarked on together with 20 other teams on our #21toHalving collab. A huge thanks to all 20 teams — from lightning, gaming, hardware and software wallets, to education and media outlets. Your participation showed the diversity and strength of the Bitcoin ecosystem & community.

Every day brought us together with giveaways that showcased the best of Bitcoin. We gave away numerous prizes, ranging from hardware wallets to sats, Bitcoin gaming rewards to swag.

The grand finale was our Twitter Space event where we gave away a 1.05 million sat prize. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every person who joined us on this remarkable adventure. Until next time, thank you for being a part of our community!

Product Updates 🔥

Envoy v1.6.2 is here 🎊

  • Envoy now has drastically improved handling of varying display or text sizes, especially abnormally large display/text sizes.
    • As Envoy has gained more users, we’ve noticed an issue where those of you using larger display or text sizes can have issues with buttons being unable to be accessed, especially when setting up Envoy for the first time.
    • We’ve gone through Envoy with a fine-toothed comb to better handle when users have set their OS to use larger display or text sizes and respond appropriately.
  • Envoy now uses our new domain for all services. Older version of Envoy will now automatically use redirects from ->

Read more 👉 Full Envoy Release Notes v1.6.2

The U.S. Department of Justice ramps up anti-privacy actions

In a whirlwind two weeks the U.S. DoJ has rapidly escalated their war on access to financial privacy with a cohesive campaign, all kicking off with the indictment of the two founders of the fantastic Samourai Wallet. In the wake of this indictment, Bitcoin privacy tools and Lightning service providers have felt the need to pull out of the US or shut down entirely, with Wasabi Wallet shutting down services on June 1st and Phoenix Wallet pulling their app from the U.S. app store.

We eagerly await the return of Whirlpool and Samourai once their names are cleared and charges are dismissed, and have committed to keeping the Postmix extension in Passport.

Note: are you a Samourai Wallet user looking to recovery your funds? We wrote an article on Freedom.Tech that takes you step-by-step migrating to Sparrow Wallet. Read more here.

Meet the Foundation Team 👥

Discover where our team has been making moves this April! We’ve been busy connecting with podcasts and events, sharing insights and experiences you won’t want to miss. Dive into the highlights below!

  • Our Head of Strategy and Marketing, Seth For Privacy recently joined @bitfinex to delve into the world of self-custody using our Passport device. Discover how we’re championing freedom through advanced security and easy accessibility. You can check it out here.
  • Bitcoin QnA joined in on the Ungovernable Misfit podcast.
  • Seth For Privacy and Bitcoin QnA joined the What Bitcoin Did podcast with Peter McCormack, breaking down the Samourai Wallet indictment and the repercussions already being felt throughout the space. Watch the full episode here.

Product Review and Photo of the Month 🤩

Each month, we select one of our users’ reviews and one photo from social media to feature in our newsletter. Your experiences and stories are what keeps us building, and we’re grateful for your ongoing support. Keep sharing your moments with us, and you could be the next one in our newsletter!


Awesome pic of the passport thanks to @olvelez007 😍


What we’re working on 🛠️

  • We have multiple new wallet integrations in the works for Passport, and are close to releasing an open beta of v2.3.1 with them included!


That wraps up our April edition of Foundation Updates – thank you for joining us, stay tuned for more next month. In the meantime, for daily updates and insightful content you can:

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With Love from all at Team Foundation 🧡