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Envoy version 1.6.2 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Envoy1.6.2 – is now published on all your favorite mobile platforms! To download it, simply visit our download page or check for updates on your platform of choice.

Please note that there can be a significant lag from publishing to general availability due to Apple App Store and Google Play Store review policies and delays.

What’s changed

In Envoy v1.6.2 we’ve focused heavily on improving the user experience for those of you running larger text or display sizes, fixed a bug around transaction cancellation using RBF, and migrated to our new domain,

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!


  • Envoy now has drastically improved handling of varying display or text sizes, especially abnormally large display/text sizes.

    • As Envoy has gained more users, we’ve noticed an issue where those of you using larger display or text sizes can have issues with buttons being unable to be accessed, especially when setting up Envoy for the first time.

    • We’ve gone through Envoy with a fine-toothed comb to better handle when users have set their OS to use larger display or text sizes and respond appropriately.

  • Envoy now uses our new domain for all services.

    • Older version of Envoy will now automatically use redirects from ->

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a minor text alignment issue introduced in 1.6.0.

    • Fixed a minor text issue in the onboarding flow.

    • Fixed an issue where the fee could be incorrectly calculated for Canceling transactions when sending to a Taproot address, causing some cancellation transactions to fail.

    Verifying Envoy on Android

    If you’d like to take the optional additional step of verifying Envoy binaries on Android, follow our guide: Verifying Envoy on Android