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Foundation Updates: June 2024


⏱️ June 2024: See you in Nashville

Welcome to our June edition of Foundation Updates! May was a quiet month publicly for us, so we’ve focused on two big releases and jumped straight to our June update instead today. May and June had us “heads down” on a huge new release for Envoy and continuing work on our top secret master plan 🤐

This month we’ll be at Bitcoin Nashville (July 25th-27th), so be sure to stop by booth 211 to get try out Passport, buy directly via cash, card, or Bitcoin, and show your friends and family how approachable and powerful Bitcoin wallets can be!

Now, let’s catch up and dive into what else has been happening at Foundation HQ. 🫡

Product Updates 🔥

Envoy v1.7.0 – Buy Bitcoin, directly


  • Buy Bitcoin straight to self-custody, directly in Envoy
    • We’ve partnered with Ramp to integrate a seamless Bitcoin buying experience directly into Envoy. No need to leave the app, no annoying address copy-paste, no hassle.
    • Every sat you purchase gets sent directly to the Envoy account you choose, without ever needing to manually copy-paste addresses.
    • Buying directly to Passport? You can easily verify the withdrawal address with a simple QR scan via Passport.
  • Redeem BTCPay vouchers directly in Envoy
  • Countless improvements across the board

Read more 👉 Envoy version 1.7.0 is now live!

Passport v2.3.1 – New wallet connections

We also released Passport v2.3.1 in the last few days of May, adding in wallet connection flows to three new wallets among other improvements and bug fixes:

Read more 👉 Passport v2.3.1 is now live!

The latest in Freedom Tech


Brady Noah wrote up a fantastic review of Sparrow Wallet (one of our favorites), taking into account the recent loss of Samourai Wallet functionality. The conclusion?

“Sparrow Wallet is a beloved Bitcoin software wallet that recently took two big hits to its functionality thanks to the legal prosecutions coming down on the founders of Samourai Wallet.

Despite recent events, however, Sparrow is still an excellent Bitcoin wallet that you should be using if you regularly interact with your Bitcoin holdings. From customizable custody setups to UTXO consolidation, there are still plenty of great offerings that make Sparrow Wallet worth using.”

Read it all on Freedom.Tech 👉

Meet the Foundation Team 👥

Discover where our team has been making moves this month! We’ve been busy connecting with podcasts and events, sharing insights and experiences you won’t want to miss. Dive into the highlights below!

Product Review and Photo of the Month 🤩

Each month, we select one of our users’ reviews and one photo from social media to feature in our newsletter. Your experiences and stories are what keeps us building, and we’re grateful for your ongoing support. Keep sharing your moments with us, and you could be the next one in our newsletter!


Green Candle spotted a Foundation exclusive t-shirt at a Bitcoin meetup 👀


We take our customer support seriously, and we love seeing it pay off with our customers feedback! See how Mark appreciated our tech support in this month’s review:

What we’re working on 🛠️

  • We have a polish release for Envoy in the works, picking nits and continuing to make Bitcoin even easier to buy, hold, and spend from anywhere.
  • We’ll be attending the Bitcoin Nashville event July 25-27th, with a bigger booth than ever! Come visit us at Booth 211 to try out Passport in person, show your friends how it all works, or learn more about what else we’re building.


That wraps up our April edition of Foundation Updates – thank you for joining us, stay tuned for more next month. In the meantime, for daily updates and insightful content you can:

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With Love from all at Team Foundation 🧡