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Foundation Updates: February 2024

Hello Friends: Welcome Back to Our Monthly Updates!

It’s been a while, but we’re back with our monthly newsletter. We’re thrilled to have you join us again. Curious about what’s been going on behind the scenes? We’ve got all the details waiting for you below. So, let’s catch up and dive into what’s been happening at Foundation HQ. 🫡

This month at Foundation

Since our last update we’ve been busy, pushing out a flurry of releases for both Passport and Envoy. Notable additions include features like coin control in Envoy and restore seed QR support on Passport. In case you missed any of the updates, you can swing by our GitHub page for both Passport and Envoy and stay up to date.

Now, let’s see how February treated us in terms of our latest releases. 👇🏻

Product Updates 🔥

Passport v2.3.0

  • Say hello to proper send and receive support for Taproot in Passport 🥕
  • You can now export Passport’s master seed phrase via SeedQR, if desired.
  • Passport now allows the creation of 12 word seed phrases, and defaults to 12 word seed phrases during onboarding.
  • Advanced users can now generate 11 or 23 words offline, import into Passport, and Passport will automatically calculate the checksum 12th or 24th word when importing the new seed.

Read more:

Envoy v1.6.0 (beta)

We give our community a sneak peak and chance to contribute with beta releases of each version of Passport firmware and Envoy release, but if that sounds scary for you we have an official release planned for next week for Envoy 1.6!

  • Full “replace-by-fee (RBF)” control is here!
  • Drastically improved address and amount display per the Bitcoin Design standards. Sexy and intuitive.
  • When you set a custom name for your Passport, now that name will show up automatically in the Devices tab on Envoy.
  • Envoy translated to Catalan thanks to our friends over at @bcnbitcoinonly! Special thanks to @insatwetrust, in particular!!

Read more 👉 Envoy beta version 1.6.0 is now live!

DID YOU KNOW? We have an exclusive beta program at Foundation, offering you the opportunity to be among the first to test and experience any new releases for Passport or Envoy. Gain access to our Telegram group and be among the first to test-drive any new releases. You’ll have the chance to provide valuable feedback and even earn sats for any bugs you may find.

Learn more here.

Meet the Foundation Team 👥

Discover where our team has been making waves in the public eye this February! We’ve recently joined a few podcasts – take a look below!

Product Review and Photo of the Month

Each month, we’ll be selecting one of our users’ reviews and one photo from social media to feature in our newsletter. Your experiences and stories are what keeps us building, and we’re grateful for your ongoing support. Keep sharing your moments with us, and you could be the next one in our newsletter!

Our first photo is from BitcoinExpert on X:

Our review of the month is from a customer over at Hey Apollo:

What we’re working on

March is just around the corner, and we’re getting ready to kick things off with a bang! We’ve been hard at work on something new for Foundation, and we’re also planning a fantastic community event on X to go alongside the launch. 🤫 We can’t wait for you to see. March is going to be HUGE for our community.

Alongside this our amazing developers are hard at work on your favorite Bitcoin products, Passport and Envoy. Keep the feedback coming no matter how big or small we love it all.

Where can you find us in March? Some of our team will be hitting the scene at the Pub Key event in NYC, Tuesday 5th March, ready to connect, educate, and dive into all things Self Custody.

We’ll also be sponsoring and speaking at the inaugural Finney Forum in Dallas, Texas on March 15-16th, with Seth For Privacy speaking on the dangers of privacy puritanism.

See you all there!


That wraps up our February edition of Foundation Updates – thank you for joining us, stay tuned for more next month. In the meantime, for daily updates and insightful content you can:

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With Love from all at Team Foundation 🧡