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Envoy version 1.6.0 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Envoy1.6.0 – is now published on all your favorite mobile platforms! To download it, simply visit our download page or check for updates on your platform of choice.

Please note that there can be a significant lag from publishing to general availability due to Apple App Store and Google Play Store review policies and delays.

What’s changed

We’ve focused Envoy 1.6.0 on a vital new feature for Bitcoin’s volatile fee market — replace-by-fee (otherwise known as “RBF”). RBF allows you to easily boost the fee on a transaction you’ve sent that’s stuck surfing the mempool, or even cancel an in-flight transaction and send it back to yourself. Just tap on any transaction that is unconfirmed and quickly Boost or Cancel it in Envoy.

We’ve also brought a complete redesign of address and amount displays to Envoy, making it drastically easier and more intuitive to view amounts (in sats or BTC, as always!) or verify addresses. A special thanks to the fantastic Bitcoin Design initiative for spearheading the concept here! Oh, and don’t sleep on custom device names for Passports paired to Envoy, and the new Catalan translation 👀

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!

New Features

  • Full “replace-by-fee (RBF)” control is here!
    • If you’ve ever sent some Bitcoin only to have them get stuck in the mempool due to a crazy fee market, this one is for you!Now you can simply tap “⏩ Boost” when viewing a pending transaction’s details to get your transaction back to the top of the queue.Sent a transaction but realized it was a mistake? You can also tap “Cancel” and send the funds back to yourself using RBF as well 😌
  • When you set a custom name for your Passport, now that name will show up automatically in the Devices tab on Envoy.
    • Have multiple Passports in the house? Now you can easily tell them apart in Envoy using custom names!
    • Any name on Passport will now automatically be synced to Envoy when pairing for the first time.
      • Note that existing Passport names won’t be updated unless they are deleted first, but we’ll be improving that in Envoy v1.7.0!
  • Envoy translated to Catalan thanks to our friends over at @bcnbitcoinonly! Special thanks to @insatwetrust, in particular!!


  • Improved Tor performance on iOS (and some Android vendors), especially when it comes to getting fiat exchange rates.
  • Improved testnet reliability via new testnet Fulcrum infrastructure.
  • Available balance now shows fiat value in addition to Bitcoin, if fiat is enabled.
  • Improved the way fiat is displayed in the Transaction Details screen.
  • Updated OpenSSL libraries and removed some unnecessary dependencies.
  • Updated Arti (the Rust-native Tor library) in our library to the latest version, v1.1.12.
  • Improved tap targets across the board to make it that much easier to get to what you want in Envoy.
  • Tapping on the Accounts tab when inside an account will take you back to the main Accounts view.
  • When Fiat values are loading they will now display a loading bar instead of a 0.
  • We’ve taken a fine-toothed comb to the UI in Envoy and made a number of improvements across the board. Better UI, better UX, better Bitcoin experience.
  • Improved Spanish translations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Envoy would slow down if a custom Electrum server was unreachable for a long period of time.
  • Fixed a rare bug where sometimes the change address would be displayed as the destination address.
  • Fixed a bug where in some iOS instances selecting Custom fee would result in a crash.
    • Thank you @Fredodido56 for the report!
  • Fixed a bug where the German locale could randomly show commas and dots while typing a number in.
    • Kudos to Mike from our TG community for the report!
  • Fixed an issue where iPhone 8 users wouldn’t be able to tag coins.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying a 24-word seed when manually imported.
  • Fixed some minor issues where under certain circumstances fiat values wouldn’t display correctly.
  • Fixed a visual bug where after deleting a hot wallet and the backup, the Accounts view’s title would be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed some text strings wrapping when they shouldn’t have.
  • Fixed a minor bug where sometimes the user would be asked twice about adding a Note to a transaction when signing with Passport.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the small coin exclusion alert was triggered when it shouldn’t have been.
  • Fixed a minor issue where under specific circumstances a user was able to add an infinitely long tag name that broke the UI.
  • Fixed an edge case where the user would be able to attempt to build a transaction with negative fees.
  • Fixed an issue where Envoy could freeze if a user attempted to export an abnormal amount of logs.
    • As always, we take your privacy seriously! Envoy does not send logs to Foundation (and has no ability to do so), so this only applies to users who manually tried to export logs to share with us for a bug report.
  • Fixed an issue where Envoy could freeze if the change amount was too big when setting a custom fee.

Verifying Envoy on Android

If you’d like to take the optional additional step of verifying Envoy binaries on Android, follow our guide: Verifying Envoy on Android