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Envoy version 1.4.0 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Envoy1.4.0 – is now published on all your favorite mobile platforms! To download it, simply visit our download page or check for updates on your platform of choice.

Please note that there can be a lag from publishing to general availability due to Apple App Store and Google Play Store review policies and delays.

What’s changed

In this version of Envoy we’ve implemented intuitive and easy-to-use coin control, a new Activity Center and Privacy Shield, a redesigned Learn tab, broad user experience and user interface improvements, and squashed bugs across the board.

We’re especially excited about our implementation of coin control in Envoy, as there has been a lack of intuitive coin control on mobile for Bitcoin users in the past, even though coin control is vital for giving you control over your privacy. We’ve spent countless hours building coin control in Envoy from the ground up to be as easy to use, as powerful, and as privacy-preserving as possible. Coin control isn’t just for technical users anymore.

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!

New Features

  • Say hello to the most intuitive and approachable coin control in any Bitcoin wallet to date ????
    • Coin control is a vital feature that allows you to preserve your privacy on Bitcoin and choose what information to reveal about your financial activity to those you interact with, but has been a feature only accessible to technical users in the past.
    • We’ve been working tirelessly to bring you an implementation of coin control that even grandma can use. Easily tag your funds as you receive them, lock or unlock individual coins, choose exactly which coins to spend, or simply spend from a single tag with just a few taps.
  • Redesigned the Learn tab from the ground up, with an entirely new UI, improved video player, the ability to read blog posts directly in Envoy, and an improved FAQ section ????
    • Videos and blog posts now also get marked as watched/read when opened, and can be manually marked as unread by long-pressing on the item in the Learn tab.
  • Implemented a new Activity Center and Privacy Shield in the bottom toolbar ???? ????️
    • We’ve broken out our privacy settings into their own new home on the toolbar, as well as migrated the activity center from the bell icon to it’s own page.
    • The new Activity Center will now show transactions, firmware update announcements, and more in the future!
  • Implemented full support for BRL fiat conversion. Welcome, Brazil! ????????
  • Implemented new “sat” and “btc” icons for units instead of text.


  • Migrate Tor support to use the new Arti Tor client, implemented in an open-source Flutter library.
  • Greatly improved performance and resolved rare crashes for users with wallets that are heavily used, i.e. Samourai Wallet post-mix accounts.
  • Automatically add a note on voucher redemption transactions indicating that they were from
  • Updated to support the latest API and voucher changes.
  • Long pressing on the delete button now deletes all entered text when constructing a transaction.
  • Envoy now automatically backs up the Envoy Backup file to Foundation servers every hour.
    • Only applicable when Magic Backups are opted into by a user.
  • Improved the responsiveness of the “Backup Now” button for Magic Backups to show when a backup is successful.
  • Broad updates and improvements to the frequently asked questions (”FAQs”) in the Learn tab.
  • Improved descriptions and copy in pairing screens.
  • Implemented new “hamburger” menu icon with open/close animations.
  • Improved the firmware update flow when firmware is downloaded but not properly copied to microSD for any reason.
  • Made it easier to use Envoy purely as a Passport companion app for those who don’t want Envoy as a mobile wallet.
    • It’s now easier to add additional Passport accounts without accidentally triggering the mobile wallet setup flow.
  • Improved screens across iOS, specifically those around pairing with Passport and downloading firmware.
  • Added the ability for Envoy to use the system locale to better display units and times throughout the app.
  • Added a shiny new animation to the manual mobile wallet setup flow.
  • Improved the way transactions display in the Activity tab.
  • Migrated video hosting for the Learn tab to Vimeo.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected some minor issues with settings not being properly backed up and restored as a part of Magic Backups.
  • Removed fiat value for testnet coins – they have no value!
  • Properly display an error when an invalid Envoy Backup file restore is attempted.
  • Properly decode BIP 21 URIs with empty amounts.
  • Updated several dependencies to resolve inherited minor security issues.
  • Fixed several app freezes and crashes on iOS when a user had many accounts or deep wallets.
  • Fixed a rare backup conflict when using QR recovery with Magic Backups.
  • Resolved an issue with the previous Tor library where local network access would be requested in iOS (but not used).
  • Resolved several minor issues with how Envoy interprets the native Android back button.
  • Resolved lag when the app was opened while in Airplane Mode.
  • Fixed some minor text centering issues.
  • Resolved an issue where an account renaming would revert on iOS without the users input.
  • Resolved a rare bug when screen recording Envoy usage.
  • Resolved an issue where a user that ops into manual setup gets shown Magic Backup settings incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the shield would stay red after a successful manual recovery.
  • Fixed a display issue possible when repeatedly adding and removing accounts.
  • Fixed a display issue where the + button could disappear.
  • Resolved some issues with account renaming when certain keyboard functions are used.
  • Resolved issues with screen sizing on smaller phones (i.e. iPhone 7).
  • Fixed an issue where saving a custom node would occasionally not persist.
  • Resolved a bug where prompts could appear where they shouldn’t.

Verifying Envoy on Android

If you’d like to take the optional additional step of verifying Envoy binaries on Android, follow our guide: Verifying Envoy on Android