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Passport version 2.0.6 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Passport firmware – 2.0.6 – is now live! To download it, simply initiate the update from Envoy to be guided through the process.

With version 2.0.6 of Passport firmware, we’ve added a fix for a pin entry issue that affected users with alphanumeric pins in the now deprecated v2.0.5.

NOTE: Since we have deprecated v2.0.5, we’ve replicated the blog post from that version below.

What’s changed

With version 2.0.6 of Passport firmware, we worked hard to drastically improve QR code scanning and processing, bringing speed and compatibility up to our standards. We’ve also added official support for Keeper Wallet, a new multisig focused wallet, and cleaned up a few bugs.

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!

New Features

  • Added support for Keeper Wallet
    • Keeper is a new wallet in alpha focusing on bringing a user-friendly experience to multisig and inheritance. Now you can use it with Passport as one of your keys with a native option under accounts to connect to Keeper.
  • Support looping through menus
    • Get tired of pressing that left key? Prefer to just mash one button? Now you can cycle through pages by just pressing right or left repeatedly.


  • Improved camera QR code scanning performance
    • Camera performance has been a major focus in this release as we weren’t happy with speed and handling of certain QR code sizes and resolutions.
    • We’re happy to say that QR code scanning is finally up to our standards, and scanning should be much snappier and less finnicky across practically all wallets.
    • Two of the specific changes are:
      • Changed the camera to use a 4:3 resolution
      • Changed the QR scanning library to a more stable version
  • Improved performance of address verification
  • Show security words immediately after activation of security words
  • Improved supply chain validation scan errors
  • Improved Casa health check error handling

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a visual bug around alphanumeric PIN entry
  • Fix Passport lockup during initialization while pressing keys
    • If you’ve ever had your passport keyboard become unresponsive after booting, it was likely due to this bug
  • Resolved a few key Casa integration bugs
    • Fix an error when trying to export Casa configuration using microSD
    • Fix Casa health check scanning
    • Fix Casa transaction signing issue
  • Fix multiple minor memory leaks
  • Alphabetical order of software wallets displayed was fixed
  • Improve animation on “Verify Address” screen
  • Bring forward a microSD card bug fix from Founder’s Edition code
  • Fix passphrase not being shown when showing seed words
  • Reset extension settings and search address space on Passport erase
  • Fix Passport freezing when using special characters
  • When setting up Passport allow user to go back to update the firmware
    or to change the setup method
  • Fix crash when importing multisig configuration without valid keys
  • Display a warning when backing up Passport with a passphrase applied
  • Use root XFP as the filename for the backup when a passphrase is applied
  • Ensure extension accounts show the passphrase indicator
  • Fix lockup on wrong PIN entry
  • Filter keypad double-presses
  • Extended the shutdown timer while scanning and displaying QRs
  • Revert a regression in account header display
  • Prevent multisig config import failing when a passphrase is present
  • Fix a bug that would crash the file explorer if there were too many files on the microSD card

Verifying and Installing Passport Firmware

If you’d like to verify and install the latest version of Passport manually, you can follow our guide on the topic here: Firmware Update support page