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Envoy version 1.0.8 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Envoy 1.0.8 – is now published on all your favorite mobile platforms! To download it, simply visit our download page or check for updates on your platform of choice.

Please note that there can be a significant lag from publishing to general availability due to Apple App Store and Google Play Store review policies and delays.

What’s changed

With version 1.0.8 of Envoy, we added in a new Tor status dialogue that informs you when there are Tor connectivity issues and allows you to quickly disable Tor temporarily if desired. We’ve also squashed a few bugs, updated BDK to the latest version, and improved scanning times with Passport from Envoy.

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!

New Features

  • Added a new Tor dialogue when there are Tor connectivity issues
    • We value your privacy very highly, and as such we have always defaulted Envoy to using Tor, an anonymity network, to prevent even us from being able to learn information about you. Unfortunately, Tor has been undergoing a serious attack for the last several months, severely impacting user experience when using Tor.
    • This new Tor dialogue detects when there are Tor issues (after automatically trying to reconnect multiple times) and allows you to temporarily disable Tor directly from the dialogue until the next time you open Envoy.
    • For more on our usage of Tor, the current issues, and the trade-offs inherent in choosing to disable it, visit our docs page on the topic.


  • Reduce PSBT size (and thus QR size) in Envoy, improving scan times on Passport significantly
    • Keep an eye out for Passport firmware v2.0.5 which will even further decrease scan times across the board!
  • Update BDK to v0.24.0
    • For more on this release, see here.
  • Show the address itself under the QR code when verifying addresses between Passport and Envoy
  • Add a dedicated paste button next to the address field
    • Allows you to quickly paste addresses into the address field without relying on the OS’s paste function
  • Better handling when the back button is pressed in Android
  • Increase the number of addresses that Envoy will query for balances to better handle some advanced uses cases
  • Improve all Envoy dialogue pop-ups to make it clearer when action is necessary
  • Make connectivity indicator shield pulse red when a custom Electrum server is set and unreachable/unresponsive
  • Limit account name length to 20

Bug Fixes

  • Properly warn when Envoy is unable to fetch firmware and show current version
  • Correct ordering of notifications on the activity screen
  • Correct hyperlink to more info on firmware in the firmware update flow
  • Redraw account and accounts cards when the exchange rate changes to properly show fiat balance
  • Use hostname instead of IP address for default testnet Electrum server

Verifying Envoy on Android

If you’d like to take the optional additional step of verifying Envoy binaries on Android, follow our guide: Verifying Envoy on Android