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Passport version 2.0.4 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Passport firmware – 2.0.4 – is now live! To download it, simply initiate the update from Envoy to be guided through the process.

What’s changed

With version 2.0.4 of Passport firmware, we added the Extensions menu, allowing users to enable extra features on Passport with the flick of a switch, starting with the Casa and Postmix extensions. We also greatly improved the QR code scanning and display functionality and fixed several minor bugs.

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!

New Features


  • Improved QR code display and scanning
    • Improve the size and density of QR codes to better fill the screen
    • Remove vertical line from camera image when scanning QR codes
    • Remember last brightness setting when showing a QR code
    • Remember last pixel density setting when showing a QR code
  • Improve microSD and file handling
    • Autorefresh file picker when microSD inserted/removed
    • Erase the PSBT file after signing
    • Allow user to go back up a level when there are no files in the current directory
  • Improve user experience
    • Make delete key handling on Backup Code page more intuitive
    • Add low power warning dialog when battery hits 5%
    • Tell user when they are installing a developer-signed firmware update
    • Show new fingerprint (XFP) when switching passphrases
    • Show Clear Passphrase and Change Passphrase menus instead when a passphrase is already active
  • Show brick warnings on 5 and 1 PIN code entry attempts remaining
    • Ensure that users properly understand that the device will be bricked after entering an incorrect PIN code 21 times
  • Add several new/updated icons
  • Add support to enter account numbers up to 2,147,483,646
  • Improved paginated layout for seed words page
  • Rename Testnet menu to Network
  • Search “change” addresses for multisig address verification

Bug Fixes

  • Bring forward bug fixes from Founder’s Edition code
  • Fix Verify Address for all uppercase bech32 addresses
  • Fix XFP missing crash
  • Respect “Skip address verification” flag in wallet settings
  • Respect “Force multisig policy” flag in wallet settings
  • Fix multisig import and multisig address verification during connect wallet process
  • Fix text alignment in mulitsig QR import screen
  • Fix scrollbar margins in a few places
  • Fix QR and microSD wallet import crashes
  • Fix backspace bug when entering a 12 digit PIN
  • Fix toggle switch right padding
  • Don’t import duplicate multisig wallets (show error page)
  • When Auto-Shutdown is set to Never, the selection now scrolls into view properly
  • Fix Bitcoin URI parsing (when URI was followed by query params, parsing failed)
  • Allow up/down keys to increase/decrease screen brightness on all QR code pages, not just animated ones

Verifying and Installing Passport Firmware

If you’d like to verify and install the latest version of Passport manually, you can follow our guide on the topic here: Firmware Update support page