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Meetup Kits Quiz

Welcome to the Foundation Bitcoin trivia quiz! This quiz is designed for use as part of our Meetup Kit. Your meetup organizer has the required information to conduct the quiz, as well as the prize for the quiz winner.

Before you start, ensure each participant has a piece of paper with enough space to write down the answers to the following questions. Answers can be found on this password protected page and the password is written on the organizer info sheet.



  • In which year did Satoshi release the Bitcoin Whitepaper?
  • What date was the genesis block mined?
  • What was the first name of the person who exchanged 10,000 bitcoin for two pizzas in 2010?
  • Who founded Bitcoin Magazine in 2012?
  • Who referred to Bitcoin as “Rat poison squared” in May 2018?
  • What was the news headline contained within the genesis block?



  • Name the four different address types available in bitcoin today
  • Originally released in December 2014, what was the name of the book written by Andreas Antonopoulos?
  • True or False, ‘avocado’, ‘ketchup’ and ‘pizza’ are all valid BIP39 seed words?
  • What does Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) #85 define?
  • After SegWit activation in 2017, what is the largest possible size of a bitcoin block?
  • Cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper, what is the name of the creator of ‘B-money’, a predecessor of Bitcoin?



  • How often, in terms of blocks, does the halving occur?
  • Assuming an average block time of 10 minutes, after the next halving, how many bitcoin will be mined each day?
  • In which year will is the final satoshi estimated to be mined?
  • How often, in terms of blocks, does the difficult adjustment occur?
  • How many Bitcoin have been mined right now?
  • How many Bitcoin are provably unspendable? (Via unclaimed rewards, null data outputs, BIP30 restrictions, or the Genesis Block.)



  • What does ‘COIH’ stand for?
  • In Bitcoin mining, what does ‘ASIC’ stand for?
  • In Bitcoin transactions, what do ‘RBF’ and ‘CPFP’ stand for?
  • In Bitcoin transactions, what does ‘PSBT’ stand for?
  • In Bitcoin wallets, what does ‘SPV’ stand for?
  • In Lightning, what does ‘HTLC’ stand for?



  • Name the following 10 project/companies from their logo. There is a 2 minute time limit.


Looking for the answers? Click here.