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Passport version 2.1.2 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that the latest version of Passport firmware – 2.1.2 – is now live! To download it, simply initiate the update from Envoy to be guided through the process.


In version 2.1.2, we’ve leveraged all of the background work in recent versions to build out some amazing new features for you, including backporting v2.1 firmware to Founder’s Edition, sending to Taproot addresses, a Key Manager Extension for BIP 85 and Nostr key support and export, and BIP 85 SeedQR exports. Features, features everywhere.

For more details on each of the changes, keep reading below!


  • Backported our firmware from Batch 2 to Founder’s Edition, bringing firmware parity for all of our early supporters
    • We’re thrilled that those of you running Founder’s Edition devices will now have the latest and greatest features and improvements that we’ve been developing for Passport
    • This backport also means that we will be able to keep Founder’s Edition firmware up to date with Batch 2 as they now use the same base code
  • Added support for sending to Taproot (“P2TR”) addresses
    • Welcome to the world of Taproot, where you can now send transactions to any Taproot address (those starting with “bc1p”)
  • Added a “Key Manager” extension for enabling advanced functionalities
    • To learn more about our newest extension, dive into our support docs
    • You can use Key Manager to generate and export:
      • BIP 85 child seeds, allowing you to backup only Passport’s seed and be able to recover other wallets directly from Passport’s seed
      • Nostr private keys, allowing you to securely generate, easily backup, and recover your Nostr private keys directly from Passport or Passport’s seed
        • Simply display your Nostr key as a QR code and login directly to your favorite app with a single scan. No more copy-pasting private keys.
        • See how fast this can be in our Twitter post with video
        • Thanks to greenart7c3 you can use this today in Amethyst, a fantastic Android Nostr app!
      • …And possibly more in the future! This is a great place for open source tinkerers to add other keys they want to Passport’s firmware
      • Please note that if you export keys as QR codes, you should be careful what you scan them with! Apps like Google Camera will often open the content of the QR code in your default search engine, exposing that key to Google etc.
    • Any keys you set up will be automatically backed up to microSD in an encrypted format, making recovery a breeze
  • Added support for exporting BIP 85 seeds via SeedQR
    • Exports are possible via SeedQR and Compact SeedQR
    • Importing SeedQR is coming soon!
  • Allow users to display their PIN when entering it by pressing the “UP” key during PIN entry
    • Just in case you want to be sure you have it entered correctly, be sure not to do this in a place where it might be seen!


  • Cleaned up our C code, optimizing our firmware and giving more space for amazing new features
  • Make “Erase Now” no longer the default selected option when you enter the erase screen, just to be sure an itchy trigger finger won’t accidentally erase your Passport
  • Ensure Founder’s Edition properly communicates its device information to Envoy
  • Passport will now indicate that it’s 30 seconds away from auto-shutdown by dimming its screen
  • Removed support for 18-word seed phrases as they are very, very rarely used


  • Fixes a bug where the backups folder was sometimes not created on the microSD. When this occurred Passport would also fail to create the backup file.
  • Improved error handling and prevention in displaying transaction info
  • Better handling of errors caused by other wallets’ multisig config formats
  • Fixed a display issue with the screen brightness icon
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent signing of PSBTs in sub-directories on microSD


If you’d like to verify and install the latest version of Passport manually, you can follow our guide on the topic here: Firmware Update support page