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Foundation: The Secret Master Plan

There was a time when Apple shipped the schematics alongside the computer, a time when they encouraged us to “think different.” There was a time when Google lived by the guiding principle of “don’t be evil.” No longer.

We believe technology is progressing in the wrong direction. Rather than offering freedom, technology is used to surveil and control.

Ledger knows how much money you store on your hardware wallet and sees your transactions. Google knows everything about you. Your TV monitors what you watch and sells your data. Your car knows where you are at all times and will soon integrate breathalyzers and kill switches.

Technological progress in the physical world has slowed. An overwhelming majority of hardware and manufacturing innovations are closed source and proprietary. Open source software propelled us to the Internet, to Bitcoin – but open source hardware is a rarity.

At Foundation we believe that technology can be used as a tool to empower the individual with freedom, with sovereignty, with privacy. We believe that building superior open source hardware and software is the key to unlocking an era of prosperity and permissionless innovation.

As in Asimov’s Foundation trilogy, we’ve asked ourselves – what can we do to help navigate this period of chaos and usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity?

This brought us to our beginning. To Bitcoin.


It all started with Bitcoin. It is our strong belief that a transition to Bitcoin as the global monetary standard will re-align society and fix our most important problems. In short, we believe that “Bitcoin fixes this!” So this is where we’ve chosen to begin our journey.

Foundation believes that Bitcoin itself is at a crossroads. On one side are ETFs, exchanges, custodial providers, intense and crushing regulations – maybe even 6102 orders. On the other side is custody, decentralization, permissionless innovation, strong financial privacy, and even an end to central banking as we know it.

This is why our first product was Passport, the best-in-class Bitcoin hardware wallet. The most fundamental aspect of Bitcoin is to hold your own keys, to control your own money and your own destiny. Passport makes that possible for more people than ever before.

During the 2024-2028 epoch, Foundation will build a cohesive ecosystem of Bitcoin devices, tied together by our Envoy mobile app.

Freedom Tech

But we aren’t stopping at Bitcoin. As the world achieves global Bitcoin adoption during the 2028-2032 epoch, Foundation will broaden our approach and focus on expanding our freedom tech ecosystem to more platforms. Smartphones and computers running a next-gen, ultra-secure, privacy-preserving operating system. Self hosted smart home products with integrated AI. Maybe even a car?

The Secret Master Plan

Below is Foundation’s master plan through 2032.

  1. 2020-2024: Build a hardware wallet and mobile app.
  2. 2024-2028: Use that money to build an ecosystem of Bitcoin devices.
  3. 2028-2032: Use that money to build a freedom-tech computing ecosystem.
  4. While doing above, release everything as fully open source, vertically integrate manufacturing, and – most important – hold true to our principles.

Don’t tell anyone.