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Say Hello to Freedom.Tech

Freedom.Tech is a global hub championing Bitcoin builders, open-source developers, educators, and privacy tech pioneers, and we see it as an invaluable addition to the Foundation family.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes over the past few months to launch a new content hub that lets you find content on the bleeding edge of technology, learn how you can take actionable steps in the fight for freedom, and amplify your own voice by writing unique content.

Freedom.Tech gives us a place to broaden our educational efforts that still aligns closely with what we’ve been doing on the Foundation blog, with our “This Month in Sovereignty” newsletter, and with the “Journey to Sovereignty” podcast. As such, we’ve gone ahead and added our existing email subscribers to the Freedom.Tech email list, as a good portion of our existing content will now flow to Freedom.Tech.

Don’t want to get emails about Freedom.Tech? Feel free to reply to an email and let us know, or simply unsubscribe once you get the first email from Freedom.Tech.

What is the “Freedom Tech” Movement?

From the earliest days of the Internet, an ongoing struggle has existed between those who would use the immense potential of this new technology to control or suppress human freedom, and those who would use it to empower the individual and promote human flourishing. This struggle has taken many forms over the decades, starting with the cryptoanarchists in the 1980’s and the cypherpunks of the 1990’s, both of which shared a common goal of enabling individual freedom through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Founders of the Cypherpunk movement: Timothy C. May (author of The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto), Eric Hughes (author of A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto), and John Gilmore (co-founder of the EFF). Source

Just as us humans strive for freedom, information in the digital age “longs to be free.” The “freedom tech” movement is a burgeoning grassroots movement that aims to encourage the optimistic, untethered development and use of technologies by people from all backgrounds, languages, and cultures across the globe. Freedom tech allows us to slow a rise in authoritarianism, fight back against encroaching surveillance capitalism, and empower journalists, dissidents, and activists everywhere.

We believe that the freedom tech movement closely aligns with that of the open source movement, and we hold the ideals of free and open-source software closely. While the freedom tech movement has no central authority or leader to dictate its aims, we have laid out the aspects of technology we consider vital to the movement below. Freedom tech should be:

✅ Free and open source

✅ Without usage restrictions

✅ Privacy-preserving

✅ Resistant to censorship

Quite simply, “freedom tech” is technology that empowers you.

What does this mean for Foundation content?

As Freedom.Tech gives us an excellent platform to focus content efforts outside of our products, we’ll be splitting our existing “This Month in Sovereignty” newsletter. Company updates, firmware releases, and similar posts will be packaged concisely in a new “Foundation Updates” monthly newsletter, while broader content around FOSS, freedom tech, and important news in the space will migrate to a monthly Freedom.Tech newsletter.

Similarly, we’ll be broadening the scope of our “Journey to Sovereignty” podcast and relaunching with a set of fantastic guests, covering a much wider variety of freedom tech topics as a result. We’re still in the process of revamping the podcast, so keep an eye out for more announcements there in the near future.

Learn more

With this launch we’ve included a few original blog posts, and are working hard to get some of the best writers in the space involved and amplifying their content on Freedom.Tech. We’ll be running some fun competitions (including giving away a free Passport!) over the next few weeks as a part of this launch, so be sure to follow us on X and/or Nostr as well: